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Bringing your car to our Granger Chevrolet Service Center for regular inspections and maintenance will make a difference in extending its life and preserving its performance. Our certified technical experts have the knowledge to diagnose your vehicle’s problems and fix them. We stock our service center with all the necessary parts to repair your vehicle. We don’t use generically manufactured parts and only certified parts that are compatible with your vehicle are used in our Granger Chevrolet Service Center. It’s simple to schedule an appointment by visiting our website or calling our service center’s number.

Our Services

Choosing the Granger Chevrolet Service Center ensures that every individual who works on your car is a certified technician. We also have connections with some of the biggest auto insurance companies in the country. That makes it easier to deal with your insurer if you’ve had a car accident and need a full report. Another important consideration is that our technicians know how to work on your car within the parameters of its warranty, without voiding it. Check out the full array of services we offer on our website. We want to help you keep your car on the road for as long as possible.

We offer a brake fluid drainage service to remove excess liquid from the brake drainage system, along with system cleaning and replacement services. Driving with worn brake pads can be unsafe, especially on icy roads. Take advantage of our brake pad installation package with a complimentary rotor inspection. We use ACDelco Gold or ACDelco Silver brake pads and rotors. At our Granger Chevrolet Service Center, we also take a deep look under the hood to evaluate your car’s performance.  We remedy fuel economy issues and fix problems related to stalling, power decreases, and engine surges.

Come to the Granger Chevrolet Service Center for free battery tests and inspections. The battery powers the engine to start your vehicle. Extreme temperatures can affect the performance of your battery system. Without regular battery inspections, your car could suddenly stop running one day. When your battery is dead, it’ll be too late, and you’ll have to pay the extra expense of a towing service. Our technicians will check the cables and the battery terminals for any corrosion or leaking. We’ll spot any possible tears or damage to the battery case. We’re proud to offer ACDelco batteries at competitive prices to promote extended battery life.

You can order parts directly from our website by filling out our electronic parts order form. Just tell us the make, model, trim, and year of your vehicle. Let us know whether your vehicle has a manual or an automatic transmission. We’ll have the parts delivered to our service center and if you choose the installation option, our certified technicians will expertly install the parts in your vehicle. The parts are genuine, and our service standards are unparalleled. Once you submit the form, one of our service professionals may respond to you within 48 hours for clarifications on your order.

Maintenance Options

Call our Granger Chevrolet Service Center for an oil change appointment. You may not always know when your vehicle needs an oil change. Our competent, expert technicians will assess your car and inform you if an oil change is needed. We use either synthetic oil or conventional oil for oil changes.  Choosing our service center means that you’ll get your oil change performed with high-quality oil that is oxidation-resistant, offers protection from corrosion, and is stable at high and low temperatures. This will help you drive confidently, whether you’re traveling on long stretches of desert highway or during frosty winter nights.

Your tires could be wearing out faster because of a wheel alignment problem. We can perform a wheel alignment check if you notice that your wheels are vibrating when you drive. The Granger Chevrolet Service Center carries tires from all of the nation’s top brands, such as Pirelli, Firestone, and Michelin. Don’t forget to ask our customer service representatives about our tire price match guarantee. If you can find a cheaper price for your tires at the time of purchase, we’ll match it. Even if you find a more competitive price within 30 days of your tire purchase, we’ll refund the price difference.

Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection

The best way to protect your vehicle is with a Granger Chevrolet Service Center comprehensive vehicle inspection. We don’t like to make life complicated for our customers. The comprehensive vehicle inspection report has a multicolored key to help you understand the priority of each repair. Problems that need to be fixed urgently are coded in red. If there are issues that you should get looked at before they get out of hand, we’ll code them in yellow. Any minor repairs that can be made at any time are coded in green.

Schedule an inspection if you have any concerns about your car. Some indications that your vehicle needs an inspection are difficulty braking, hearing brake noises, having problems with your battery, or getting an Oil Life Monitoring Systems alert. Connect with us to learn more about our pricing options. Simply enter your information on our website using the texting option and one of our team members will get back to you. Visit our dealership to speak with one of our representatives in person. We’re within driving distance for residents of Orange, Texas, and the surrounding areas.


Granger Chevrolet service center knows your vehicle better than any other service center or mechanic in the vicinity of Orange, Texas. We maintain strong bonds with the community and develop lasting relationships with insurance companies and tire manufacturers to provide excellent, individualized service to our customers.  Our loyal customers enjoy limited warranties on certain brake pad and battery replacements.  Check our website to print coupons for some of our vehicle repair services.  GM Certified professionals are waiting to inspect your car and perform the necessary maintenance work and repairs. We take pride in the services we offer to our Orange, Texas, family.