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At Granger Chevrolet, we offer the residents of Orange, Texas,  competitive financing rates and terms for new and pre-owned SUVs, trucks, and sedans. Our financial experts guide you through the entire process, ensuring you find an ideal solution to fit your payment capability and vehicle preferences. Our dealership allows you to apply for financing online, thus reducing your time on paperwork when you visit us.

What Is Car Financing?


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Financing a car means taking a loan to buy a vehicle using direct lending or a dealership program to finalize the sale. Direct lending entails applying for a loan from a bank, credit union, or finance company and agreeing to repay the financed amount and other additional charges over a given period. You sign a contract for in-house or dealership financing, and we find a lender who can service the account and collect your payments.

Although the contract terms in the two financing options are almost similar, each option offers a different way of paying for your car.

With direct lending, you get pre-approved financing even before visiting a dealership, but you will require an excellent credit score. Direct lenders usually retain your financing contract while servicing the loan, meaning you cannot involve third-party companies in the process like dealership financing.

In-house financing enables you to pursue other options when a lender rejects your application. However, direct lending limits you to your bank or credit union, meaning you may not get the loan if they reject your financing request.

What to Do Before You Seek Financing

Before you seek financing, it would be best to review federal and state laws affecting the financing and leasing of vehicles in Texas. Next, please take a look at your financial situation using our payment calculator to ensure you have enough income to cover the monthly payments.

Learn about the essential factors that affect the financing process, including:

  • Price of the vehicle.
  • The Annual Percentage Rate (APR).
  • Length of the credit contract.
  • Trade-in allowance if you are trading in your car.
  • All hidden finance charges.
  • The total number of payments.
  • The monthly payment amount.

With this information, you can better understand the process and learn about any relevant taxes, primarily when refinancing an existing loan. Once you estimate the total amount it will cost to buy the vehicle and can afford the monthly payments, reach out to Granger Chevrolet to start the financing process.

The Financing Process for Your New Chevy

Start by filling out our secure online finance application form or contacting our finance department.

Then complete the credit application and include personal information on the available finances on your current credit accounts, including debt obligations. We retain a copy of the credit report and submit it to potential assignees, like financial companies or banks, to check whether they can buy the contract. The assignees then evaluate your credit application using automated techniques that weigh and score your credit history using the terms of sale on our agreement.

You are not directly involved with the assignees, so their evaluation is based on your credit score, credit report, completed application form, and the terms of sale. If they are willing to purchase the contract, they notify us and offer a wholesale rate, also known as the buy rate.

At this stage, your responsibility is to:

  • Ensure you remain within your capabilities, whether you are financing or leasing, even when our wide range of cars seems exciting.
  • Understand the value and cost of any optional services or products you may require.
  • Read the contract carefully and ask questions about the terms before you sign.
  • Ensure you have a copy of the credit contract or lease agreement with all signatures and terms.
  • Understand that if you accept financing, we have a lien on the vehicle’s title until you pay the contract in full.

Our dealership offers cashback and reduced finance rates on specific models. Check whether there are any financing specials on the vehicle you intend to purchase while at our dealership.

Why Choose Us?

At Granger Chevrolet, we have a vast inventory of new and certified pre-owned vehicles and a professional team to get you an affordable model in a stress-free and straightforward process. Our financial experts will consider your special requests, prepare the paperwork, explain the funding process, and ensure you get competitive financing rates or the right lease plan.

Our finance team has extensive knowledge and existing relationships with financing companies and banks in Orange, Texas. As such, we offer a variety of financing options and the best rates according to your budget. We also have manufacturer-sponsored incentives and low-rate programs.

We will find a lender to finance you whether you have an excellent or poor credit score or an existing loan. Our dealership offers low interest rates if you want to refinance. Interest rates and monthly payments generally rely on your credit score, so a bad credit rating attracts a higher percentage. We can provide you access to fixed interest rates and a co-signer on your contract to keep rates low and avoid fluctuating monthly payments. Our financial experts will work tirelessly to ensure you find an ideal loan depending on your financial situation.

Contact Granger Chevrolet, Texas, to Learn More

According to the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), the national average price for a used car is about $17,000, while the price for a new vehicle is approximately $31,000 in a dealership. When you are searching for a new or used vehicle to buy, financing is critical to the whole process, and getting a dealership that understands your financial situation is paramount. Our finance experts are ready to assist you in finding a lease plan or competitive financing, regardless of the car model you choose.

At Granger Chevrolet, we provide a positive buying experience in Orange, Texas, by working as a collective unit to ensure customer satisfaction. Instead of high-pressure sales tactics, we focus on offering a personalized solution that we create from your preferences and budget. Contact us today to learn more about the financing process.